Apex Legends is a free-to-play Battle Royale game where you land with your crew of three along with up to 20 other squads in a shrinking arena, and collect weapons and supplies and defeat all other teams until yours is the last one standing. Before starting the game, you must choose one of thirteen characters. Each character has a unique design and abilities that the team could use to track and defeat the opposing teams. 


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Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Great weapons mechanics
  • Good movement options
  • Unique character abilities
The bad
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Lacking in diverse content
  • Unbalanced matchmaking

Apex Legends – Review


Apex Legends gameplay is pretty straight forward. It’s a Battle Royale with a time crunch. What sets it apart from generic Battle Royale games is the details. For instance, the characters that you can choose, although limited to a handful, have unique abilities, passives, and ultimates. Also, the game has great weapon mechanics and good movement options. The weapons feel unique, and you can climb, jump, or even zip-line from place to place if you find the right items. Despite its simple concept, what this game gives you is well-thought-out. 

Apex flaws?

Apex Legends has some significant flaws that routinely drive players away despite its well-rounded gameplay structure, making those flaws even worse. For example, the game doesn’t have diverse content, events are rare, and the gameplay is repetitive. So, some gamers end up getting bored with the game and stop playing. Consequently, the skill-based matchmaking process becomes unbalanced. Instead of pairing you up with teams with the same skill level as you, your team ends up getting matched with either slightly lower or higher level teams. The more gamers drop this game, the more this problem increases. 

Is Apex Legends worth it?

If more people start playing the game, Apex Legend’s skill-based matchmaking problem could be solved. Battle Royale is not enough on its own for most people. However, for gamers who truly love this game genre, the designs, movements, abilities, and structure is well done, and worth exploring in depth. 

How to become a Legend

Getting started with Apex Legends is easy. The Electronic Arts website provides links to download the game for free. First, go to the EA official website. Then, select your platform of choice. And last, hit download. And you’re good to go. 

Apex Legends starter guide

The Battle Royale gameplay of Apex Legends is very straightforward. You drop with your team of three on a map along with up to 20 opposing teams, collect items and weapons you might need, and race towards the center of the arena before it shrinks while tracking and taking down everyone else. Besides, the exceptional feature in this game is its legends. Each one has their passive ability, tactical skill, and an ultimate ability. However, the legends’ ultimate ability takes a bit of time to cool down before using it again. Depending on your preference, you can choose the skills that suit you best and organize your team so that all your Legends’ abilities work well together

If you’re new to Apex Legends, check out this video with 20 BEGINNER TIPS TO MAKE YOU A PRO.

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