Garena Free Fire is a mobile Battle Royale game. First, you plane jump on an island with a third-person perspective. When you land, you must look for items, weapons, and medical equipment to help you get through the game. Ultimately, your goal will be to survive the island at all costs, which you will accomplish by eliminating opponents you encounter. Meanwhile, the game map’s safe area decreases in size over time, pushing other players to converge and force them to face off. 


Author's rating

Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Multitasking game activity
  • Quick thinking requirement
  • Teamwork Battle Royale
The bad
  • Bad graphics and animations
  • Time-consuming gameplay
  • Pay-to-win model

Free Fire Battlegrounds – Review

The winner

Free Fire has many positive aspects. For example, the quick thinking and multitasking requirements of gathering items and weapons and looking out for opponents while hunting down others is excellent. So the game doesn’t feel like a just shoot-fest, but a strategy Battle Royale instead. In other words, what you gather in the first moments of the game and where you land can result in victory or defeat. Also, you can invite friends to play as a team. Meaning you get to strategize and look out for each other on the island and make sure you’re the winning team. 

Free Fire Eliminated

For game standards in this era, Free Fire’s graphics look a bit outdated. For instance, the low resolution and walking straight into a crate are not game graphics you’re supposed to see anymore. Besides, such a big map means that you could spend quite some time without any action, and end up in boring gameplay. Also, the game’s currency can’t be earned, and you end up being in a pay-to-win type of game. 


You could ignore the game’s pay-to-win model if only the graphics and game structure were a bit better. However, Free Fire can be a good exercise for quick thinking and multitasking, if you’re looking to dip your toe in the water with a free mobile game. 

Where to get the game

Free Fire is a mobile game available for IOS and Android for free. So, you can download it from Google Play or the App Store. 

How to play Free Fire

When you first start a match, you’ll be on a plane ready to parachute on an island with nothing but the clothes on your back. Along with you, up to fifty players will do the same. Once you land, you have to start scavenging for weapons, gadgets, grenades, and accessories to help you along the way. Overall, your goal will be to stay alive and kill every opponent you encounter. However, over time, the safe zone will shrink, forcing you into a smaller area. 

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