Street Fighter V is a fighting game belonging to the long-running Street Fighter series. Most importantly, it features a side-scrolling fighting game system with a V-Gauge attack. While the player receives attacks,  it builds and gives three kills. Since its release, two more editions came out. The Arcade Edition introduced an arcade mode and an Extra Battle mode. The Champion Edition featured updates and character balancing, including giving every character a second V-Skill. 


Author's rating

Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Diverse characters
  • V-System
  • Good fighting game essentials
The bad
  • Glitches (Rare)
  • Poor dialogue animation
  • No innovation

Street Fighter V – Review

What went right with Street Fighter V

The Street Fighter game series is a veteran in the fighting genre of games. In other terms, the developers have plenty of experience to tweak their content and gameplay style to a satisfying standard. For instance, the game introduced the V-trigger, that builds up while the player takes hits, and can inflict significant damage. As a result, it can allow a player to turn a match on its head and gain the advantage. Besides, the release of the Arcade Edition and Champion Edition gave the game the boost and options it needed. 

What went wrong with Street Fighter V

For a game with such experience in the genre, Street Fighter V’s initial release was underwhelming. In other words, it felt like the game was an unfinished release. The updates that came after balanced the game features. However, they should have been part of the initial version and not a bonus edition. Although the dialogue animation doesn’t affect the gameplay, it feels outdated. On another note, the frame rate can sometimes dip. In consequence, the player’s rhythm can be thrown off, which results in losing the game. Although this glitch happens rarely, at this point, it shouldn’t exist at all. 


Overall, Street Fighter V is a decent fighting game. Yes, there is a lot of room for improvement. However, the V-trigger feature and the recent updates make the game worthwhile. 

Get Started

Downloading Street Fighter V couldn’t be any easier. For instance, if your preferred platform for gaming is PS4, it is available for purchase on the Playstation website. Add it to the basket and proceed to checkout. However, if you’re a PC gamer, Steam is your best friend. Select the version of the game you want, add it to your cart, and proceed to checkout.

How to play

The gameplay of Street Fighter V is pretty straightforward. Most importantly, it’s a side-scrolling fighting style game. For example, you can move forward toward your opponent or back. You can crouch or jump, either diagonally or vertically. And you can jump and kick. The exciting part is all the combinations you can make with these moves. Also, while playing a match, if you take hits, your V-gauge fills up. When it’s full, you can engage a V-trigger that can inflict significant damage. 

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