Tekken 7


Tekken 7 is a fighting game that is considered more beginner-friendly than previous versions in the series. It also introduces several elements to the fighting system, such as Rage Arts and Power Crush mechanics. Mostly, the game focuses on 1v1 battles and can be played in single-player and in multiplayer modes. For the first time in the arcade series, Tekken 7 introduces practice mode, which allows players to train against opponents, with the option to win rewards.


Author's rating

Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Great graphics and customization
  • A massive roster of characters
  • Classic accessible gameplay
The bad
  • Pointless VR mode
  • Reduced 3D use
  • Bad game story endings

Tekken 7 – Review

The best fights are personal

Tekken 7 takes fighting games to a new level. For instance, the classic accessible gameplay is very welcoming to newcomers, which enriches the multiplayer base and the online mode experience. In addition to the great graphics, the added customization option gives the game an extra layer of enjoyment, primarily by collecting resources and winning treasure boxes. Also, the vast roster of characters makes for an endless variation of fights and battles, guaranteeing a longer duration of play possibilities.

Stories left unsaid

Despite the fantastic aspects of the game, Tekken 7 has some disappointing flaws. Undoubtedly the VR mode is useless. Besides being a glorified theater viewer, it doesn’t add anything more to your experience than a headache. Furthermore, the 3D use is a missed opportunity. Admittedly, it is a significant change from the overplayed 2D fighting style. However, the developers of this game could have done so much more with it, especially with the new movement mechanics. Moreover, Tekken fans could be disappointed with the story. Aside from the few characters that get an actual ending, most get nothing but a credits roll after everything is over.


Overall, the negative aspects of Tekken 7 do not dim the light of what makes it great. Although the VR, 3D, and story issues would have made the game even better if resolved, they are only the missing cherry on top of an already great game.

Where to get the game.

Currently, Tekken 7 is a paid game that can be played on Windows, PS4, and Xbox One. Therefore, it’s respectively available on Steam, PlayStation Store, and on Microsoft’s website.

How to play Tekken 7

Tekken 7 has several modes available. For instance, the online mode is available for both local and international play. Also, the game’s multiplayer allows you to choose the side of the screen you’re playing from, taking advantage of the movement mechanics changes. Similarly, the game adds character customization that you can do by collecting rewards and getting treasure boxes for completing in enough matches. The game also has several fighting mechanics and movements you can use in battles like Rage Art, Power Crush, Screw hits,   Rage Drive, and Cancelling.

If you’re new to Tekken 7, check out this video with Tips for BEGINNERS!

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