Paladins is an online first-person shooter game by Hi-Rez Studios. First, it was released for Windows, PS4, and Xbox One. Later on, it was also released for Nintendo Switch. Briefly put, Paladins is a team-based game that focuses on around its three popular modes, Siege, Onslaught, and Deathmatch. It also features Ranked Matches and King of the Hill. Furthermore, the game provides various champions players can choose, each one belonging to a category, like tank or support.


Author's rating

Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Great graphics
  • PG fighting, no gore
  • Customization options
The bad
  • Crash-fueled bans
  • Unpopular update patches
  • Pay-to-win model

Paladins – Review

Strategic win

Paladins is not what you expect when you first hear, “it’s a first-person shooter game.” In fact, it tosses aside the dimly lit, dark, gory graphics for a happy-go-shoot style of visuals. Furthermore, the quality of the graphics, effects, and layouts are executed beautifully. In addition to the fantastic visuals, exciting gameplay, and the competitive aspect of the game, it also has a ton of customization options. From esthetics to hero upgrades, there is no limit to the combinations you could end up playing. 

Paladins under Siege

Unfortunately, the flaws some players report are too disappointing to ignore. For a game of the caliber of Paladins, having bugs and constant crashes is a letdown. In addition to these game defects, some crashes kick out players from matches, causing them to be penalized and banned for something that’s not even their fault. On top of that, the pay-to-win nature of Paladins is becoming increasingly evident, and the developers seemingly make game-changing decisions that go in the opposite direction of what the player base wants.


Paladins is a great addition to the first-person shooter genre. In fact, the graphics and gameplay are refreshing, and the communication mechanics are excellent. However, if the developers continue down the same road, with decisions that go against what the player base wants, the game will go downhill. On the other hand, if they start putting out patches and fixes for the issues, and change what frustrates their players to the point of rage quitting, Paladins could be one of the greats. 

Where to get the game

Paladins is currently free-to-play on four platforms. To download it, go to Steam for Windows, PlayStation Store for PS4, and Microsoft’s Website for Xbox One, and Nintendo’s Website for Nintendo Switch.

How to play paladins

The game’s three main modes are Siege, Onslaught, and Deathmatch. First and foremost, Siege is a team-based race where two teams of five seek to capture the map’s central point, and if successful, push a payload that spawns from it to the enemy base. The first team to score four points wins. In contrast, Onslaught gets teams to battle over a large area with the primary goal of capturing point control. Additionally, killing opponents earns you extra points. Similarly, Team Deathmatch is a contest to score the most kills; the first team to reach 40 kills wins the game.

If you’re new to Paladins, check out this video with an Ultimate Beginner’s Guide.

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