Arena of Valor is a MOBA game designed for mobile play. Similar to most MOBA games, the gameplay pits two teams of five against each other. Mainly, their goal is to destroy their opponents’ protective towers and destroying the Nexus to claim victory. Along the way, minions may help them accomplish their goals, and the jungle houses creatures that can help you gain an edge by stealing their powers.


Author's rating

Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Intuitive game controls
  • Trade items with guild
  • Extensive communication options
The bad
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Overabundance of micro-transactions
  • Expensive heroes

Arena of Valor – Review


Arena of Valor is a surprisingly great MOBA game. Although most MOBA games are played on computers, this one translates exceptionally well onto mobile. For instance, the game controls are intuitive, and you can scroll forward the view to see what’s ahead. Besides, the game provides many communication options. For example, you have a voice chat, typed chat, pre-typed messages, and map commands. Also, if a player is toxic, you can report them, which can affect their credibility score. For the most part, Arena of Valor is a free-to-play game; you can acquire most of the items you might need by playing and buying them with the game’s currency or win them through chests.


Arena of Valor has its flaws. For instance, micro-transactions overcrowd the shop, and you could get lost with the overabundance of items trying to make sense of them. Also, the heroes are quite expensive in contrast to the currency you can win while playing. In addition, the gameplay is very repetitive, although this is true of most MOBA games. 


Overall, Arena of Valor is not perfect, but it comes very close, considering it is a mobile MOBA game. Although the shop is overcrowded and the items are expensive, it makes up for it with the intuitive controls, the fast-paced play, and the positive options it provides. 

Where to get the game

Arena of Valor is available on mobile phones and Nintendo Switch. So, you can find the game on Nintendo’s website, Google Play, or the App Store and download it for free. Once the game’s on your device, create a profile to log in. And you’re all set!

How to play Arena of Valor

The gameplay in Arena of Valor is pretty straightforward. First, you choose your hero; you can choose between warriors, tanks, assassins, marksmen, mages, or support characters. Then, you can fiddle with the character’s abilities. When the fight starts, you will find yourself right behind your Nexus, that splits into three paths lined with protective towers. These paths connect to a mirror image on the enemy’s side. In addition, the paths separate jungle patches filled with creatures you can kill and transfer boosts to yourself. Overall, your end goal is to protect your Nexus and destroy the enemy’s towers to destroy their Nexus. 

If you’re new to Arena of Valor, check out this video with a Beginner’s Guide so you can Dominate!

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