Smite is a free-to-play MOBA with a third-person perspective. First and foremost, the game plays out in matches between two teams of five. Each player controls a god, goddess, or other mythological figures, and starts with their team at the edge of their fountain. Ultimately, their goal is to travel to the opposite side of the map, destroy the enemy defensive towers, defeat their phoenixes, and finally, defeat their Titan. Similarly, the opposing team will try to do the same. Therefore, the team that manages to block the enemy and destroy their Titan first wins.


Author's rating

Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Great third-person perspective

  • Epic mythology and backstories

  • Huge jungle area with different buffs

The bad
  • Unreliable servers and bugs

  • Terrible competitive model

  • Bad game matchmaking

Smite – Review

Mythical gameplay

Smite steps in the right direction when it comes to MOBA games. For instance, the third-person perspective couples with a different layout to traditional MOBA makes it stand out. Consequently, you break out of the usual MOBA atmosphere where you feel like you’re playing the same game repeatedly. Also, the mythology aspect of the game gives this MOBA a different aura. Besides, the jungle area is vast, with many possibilities to get various buffs and turn the tide to your team’s side.

Match at odds

Despite all it does to stand out, some flaws can’t be overlooked in a MOBA game. For example, the servers are very unreliable, and the game is filled with bugs. In addition, matchmaking is very bad. Although the game tries to set matches according to your performance rather than your level – which is a great idea – you could spend a lot of time waiting for a match that will end up being incompatible. For example, you might be matched with very low performing players against an average team just because the sum of your performance matches out against the opponent. Consequently, you end up losing a lot of matches, which ruins the enjoyment of the game. 


Smite has a lot of potential to make a mark on the MOBA scene. Indeed, the concept, design, mythology, and even the third-person perspective are breaths of fresh air. In contrast, software and server issues sometimes make the game unplayable. If the developers manage to debug and provide reliable servers and matchmaking, this game can become one of the greats.

Where to get the game

Smite is available on four different platforms. Therefore, for Windows, you can download it from Steam. Also, it’s available on Microsoft’s Website for Xbox One players. Playstation players can find it on the PlayStation Store, and Nintendo Switch players can download it from Nintendo’s Website. Or you can go to Smite’s Website, download the game from there, and explore the battleground of the gods. 

How to play Smite.

Smite matches occur between two teams of five players. At the beginning of each game, you will choose your character, and you will be awarded a set amount of gold to get your starting items. Once the match starts, you will go down one of three lanes with your minions and start tearing at the enemy’s defensive towers. Alternatively, you could explore the jungle areas and try to defeat various creatures and get buffs to help you and your team. Once you’ve destroyed the enemy’s two layers of defensive towers, you will have to beat their phoenixes before attacking their Titan. If you defeat it first, your team wins. However, if the enemy team is winning, you will have the option to forfeit after 10 minutes of the game with a 4 to 1 deciding ratio.

If you’re new to the game, check out this video with Your First Steps in Smite.


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