Need For Speed Heat is a racing game. Sanctioned day race events reward you with cash to spend on cars and upgrades. Night illegal race events get you REP. However, the police are more aggressive at night, and you must return to your safe house before getting your car wrecked or getting busted. If you succeed in getting back to safety, your REP will be multiplied by your Heat Level. On the other hand, if the police arrest you, then you lose your multiplier.


Author's rating

Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Fewer race momentum stoppers
  • Exploration rewards
  • Better car upgrading system
The bad
  • Cop cars suddenly spawn too close
  • Arbitrary timer in the night race
  • Slower drifting system

Need for Speed Heat – Review

The winning race

Need for Speed Heat has significantly improved since the last game in the series. For instance, there are fewer race momentum stoppers. The obstacles that might stop your car dead in its tracks like trees or other vehicles break off or drift you away, keeping the thrill high and the frustration low. The game also provides exploration rewards, like cool graffiti that can you can use for customization stickers or hidden cash grabs. Most importantly, the vehicle upgrading system has drastically improved. As a result, you don’t need to jump into hoops to get upgrades and better your vehicle; you pay, you upgrade. Not to mention that the race game also provides you the option to swap your engine, raising the roof of maxing out your car.

The fixed race

There is no denying that Need for Speed Heat has gone a long way since its predecessor. However, the night race seems a bit fixed. For example, cop cars can suddenly spawn too close and out of nowhere instead of chasing you down. Also, even though your race ends if you wreck your car or get caught, the arbitrary timer sets you up as getting arrested when the timer runs out. In contrast to the rules, that timers seems unnecessary and an impediment to the endless fun.

The final score

Despite its flaws, Need for Speed Heat is a good race game to play. The rush of the fast unimpeded driving and improved upgrade system and the enhanced graphics outweigh the issues that can be fixed in future patches.

Need some Speed?

If you want to play Need for Speed Heat, you can play it on PS4, PC, or Xbox One. EA has versions for all these platforms on their website. All you have to do is select your platform, and hit subscribe. 

Rules of the Race

In Need for Speed Heat, you race through an open space. There is no continuous day and night mode. However, you can choose between participating in legal day races and illegal night ones. 

The sanctioned daytime race can earn you the cash you can spend on cars and upgrades. On the other hand, night racing can get you REP. But in illegal racing, cops tend to get involved, and they are much more aggressive. That means you need to finish your race and get to the safe house without wrecking your car or getting busted by the police. If you do get caught, you lose your multiplier. But if you make it to the safe house, your REP gets multiplied by you HEAT. 

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