Clash Royale is a freemium multiplayer real-time strategy game. Above all, your goal is to win more crowns than your opponent by destroying their towers before the timer runs out. To do so, you choose a deck of 8 cards that features troops you can use to defend or attack. Each card has an elixir cost that fills at the bottom of your screen. Consequently, you must strategically use your cards to avoid getting bombarded with attacks and lose. 


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  • Limited slots for chests
  • Inconsistent game updates
  • Delayed triggers

Clash Royale – Review

The Royale Champion

Every game’s success can be measured by how addictive it can be. You could open up the app, decide to play for a few minutes, and find yourself still playing after hours. The rush of the win, the substantial suspense of real-time stakes, and the diversity of opponent choice of cards make this game positively captivating. Besides, no battle you take part in will be like the next, and there are endless combinations of cards for you to explore attacks and defenses. In other words, the simplicity of the rules in Clash Royale mixed with the unfathomably diverse cards makes for an endless possibility of plays. 

Clash at the Royale Court

Clash Royale has its undeniable upsides, but it also has some frustrating features. For example, chests won from matches only have limited slots and an incredibly long unlock timer. Where other games take advantage of a smaller refill countdown, Clash Royale takes it to the opposite extreme, with the minimum timer at 90 minutes, going up to 12 hours. 

Also, the developers roll out inconsistent updates for the game. To clarify, not every season and update shills out new arenas, and you’re stuck playing in the same background over and over again. A minor esthetic problem, but still an issue. Further, card triggers can be a bit slow. In other terms, there is a delay between the time you hit the card to release and the time it launches. By the time it hits the target, your opponent’s troops would have been long gone, and you would have wasted your elixir for nothing. For expensive cards, this could mean losing a match in Clash Royale. 

The Royale Verdict

Despite its flaws, the long unlocking time for chests, and some trigger delays here and there, the game is fun. The vast repertoire of cards you can potentially horde can contribute to endless possibilities and matchups. It is genuinely a hard game to put away.

The way to the Royale battlefield

Clash Royale is only available on mobile. And it doesn’t matter if you use android or iOs devices, the game is available on the App Store and Google Play. Just hit download and enter the arena. 

How to Clash

Clash Royale is mainly a real-time strategy game, and it is played through cards. In other words, you select a deck of 8 cards and play them off against your opponent to destroy their towers and protect your own on a timer. Each card costs an amount of elixir that fills back gradually, so be careful not to play expensive cards recklessly. Side towers destruction get you one crown each, whereas the destruction of the middle tower gives you an instant win with three crowns. If the time runs out and you have the same score as your opponent, the timer will go into overtime for a limited amount of time for a tie-breaker. If you can’t get an advantage over the other player within this period, the score is a draw.

Each game win gets you a small number of coins and a chest constrained by a timer lock. However, you can instantly unlock it using gems. Any cards you collect add up to a tally for upgrading your collection using coins. In addition, each win gets you trophies. Consequently, the more trophies you get, the more goods you can unlock.

If you’re new to Clash Royale, check out this Beginner Guide. Enter the arena

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