Fifa 20 is the 27th installment in the Fifa series. It’s a football simulation game that introduces modes focused on street football rather than more traditional 11vs11 gameplay.  The VOLTA football mode features a variance on the number of players, allowing 3vs3, 4vs4, and 5vs5 matches in true street football spirit. You can also play matches on any of 17 locations, with each one giving you a unique experience. Also, the game features multiple modes, such as Pro Clubs, Ultimate Team, and Career Mode.


Author's rating

Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Better ball physics
  • Compelling VOLTA story structure
  • Well realized graphics
The bad
  • AI defending is overpowered
  • Shallow morale game system
  • Stagnating Career mode

Fifa 20 – Review

The sports champion

The Fifa series has made its mark over the years in the sports game genre. Fifa 20 is no different. For example, adding a compelling VOLTA structure, bettering the matches’ dynamic, and improving the graphics makes for a refreshing take on the game. Also, the events in VOLTA street football are a welcome addition that gives the game a more hectic pace, and more entertaining experience. It focuses more on the culture of street football than the techniques and the rules and shifts the focus to being a fun game, rather than a calculating one. 

The red card

Despite some improvements here and there, the flaws in Fifa 20 are too many to gloss over. For instance, the Career mode in this game is disappointing. For instance, the morale system is shallow, with many typos and the experience of getting fired out of the blue no matter the decisions you make, even with suggestions that make a frustrating experience. 

Final score

Fifa 20 is an excellent sports game as a whole. However, the issues with some game modes need fixing, so it can be an entirely entertaining ride rather than a frustrating experience. 

Where to get the game

If you’re new to Fifa 20, you can find the game on the EA sports website. First, select your platform, either PC, PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch. Then click subscribe. Now you’re in!

How to become a Fifa 20 football player

If you’re new to the game, check out this video with 10 Essentials for How To Start FIFA 20!

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