Rocket League is a sports game developed by Psyonix that is best described as soccer but with rocket-powered cars. In this game, you play in 1vs1 up to 4vs4 matches punching around a giant ball into giant goals, while propelling your vehicle and doing flips and tricks. Also, you can try to get your opponents to crash. Usually, the match lasts about five minutes. However, in the case of a tie, the game goes into sudden-death overtime.


Author's rating

Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Textured graphics and visuals
  • Customization in private and offline games
  • Cross-platform play support
The bad
  • Dropped support for Mac and Linux
  • Floaty ball physics
  • Unreliable server

Rocket League – Review

League Goal!

Rocket League is a fantastic sports game. For instance, the graphics and visuals are amazing, and the textures and weather effects are great. Although the game is a bit hard to master, which adds to the challenge, it is easy to get started. Even though the rules of Rocket League are set in online matches, you can tweak the rules, ball size, and other settings in offline and private ones. Besides, the game has cross-platform support, which means you will never run out of competitors. 

Rocket Crashed

Even though Rocket League is a solid sports game, it’s not without its flaws. For example, ball physics may be annoying for some. More precisely, it’s floaty, and you feel like you’re chasing a balloon instead of a giant soccer ball at times. Although the amounts of players joining to play can be a blessing for matchmaking, it can also be a curse. In other words, the servers frequently crash due to the overload of players from time to time. Also, the game stopped its support for Mac and Linux in 2020. 

Rocket League Score

Despite its flaws, Rocket League is worth playing. For instance, the lack of payable performance-enhancing goods refreshing. Also, the combinations of moves and gameplay are entertaining and challenging. And finally, the concept of a giant ball in a domed field kicked around by rocket cars is a welcome addition to the sports game.

Where to get the game

If you’re a Mac or Linux user new to the game, you’re in bad luck; if you don’t already have it, you can’t get it anymore. However, the remaining four platforms support Rocket League supports. If you want to download the game for Windows, you can find it on Steam. PS4 players can find it on the Playstation website, Nintendo Switch players can download it from Nintendo’s, and Xbox One players can get from Microsoft’s website. 

How to play Rocket League

First, you should play the tutorials to learn to mechanics of your vehicle, how you can move around, jump, double jump, flip, and boost. Then, you can choose to play Rocket League in a 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 online match. You can also select offline games against bots, although you should know that the bots can make stupid mistakes that work against you. In sum, the matches last about five minutes, and you aim to score as many goals as possible into your opponent’s goal.

If you’re new to Rocket League, check out this video with The BEGINNERS GUIDE.

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