Dota Auto Chess is a strategy battler game mod for Dota 2. In other terms, it features elements of chess and can support up to eight players at a time. For this reason, the game pits the gamer against sever other players in round after round of resource-management duels. So, to play out your strategy, you choose a unit and place it on a chessboard. Once the battle starts, your group will battle the opponents until one of the two is completely decimated.


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Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Beginner-friendly concept
  • Consistent dynamics
  • Easy viewer interaction
The bad
  • Plagued with bugs and crashes
  • Unbalanced heroes
  • Unwanted bot participation

Dota Auto Chess – Review

The winner strategist

Although it is a mod game, Dota Auto Chess takes advantage of the strategy battling chess games that are rising in popularity. With a new type of game comes a load of newcomer gamers that are not used to the concept. However, this game has beginner-friendly mechanics and clear and straightforward controls that can be considered easy to grasp by new players. Besides, viewer interaction is relatively easy and is very engaging. In addition, the battle intensity dynamics are consistent. In other words, characters will not fluctuate in their intensity of attack or defense, and you will not find yourself magically losing with good heroes. 

Losing streak

The game has some undeniable issues. For instance, players frequently complain of bugs and crashes, and unwanted bot participation. Also, the heroes are unbalanced. That is to say that even if you have the best combination of characters, they will do nothing against an overpowered one, and end up decimating the formations. In other words, it sometimes prioritizes brawn over brains, which completely defeats the point of a strategy game. 


Despite its bugs, crashes, and unbalanced heroes, the game is reasonably lovely to play. Understandably, the developer can’t do much about the heroes since they are derived from Dota 2 itself. However, debugging and fixing crashing issues could help skyrocket the game into a more favorable reception. Either way, Dota Auto Chess is an excellent introduction to the strategy battler genre. 

Where to find the game

Dota Auto Chess is a computer game you can play on Windows, Mac, or Linux devices. However, it’s a mod game. In other terms, you need to have Dota 2 to get Dota Auto Chess. If you don’t already have the original game, go to Steam and download it. Once it’s installed, you can go to the arcade page, search for Auto Chess, and add the mode. 

How to play Dota Auto Chess

What’s in a name? Simply put, Dota Auto Chess is a strategy game that takes place on a chessboard, where you put combinations of characters from different classes, races, and abilities to battle one of seven rotating opponents. Furthermore, your “pawns” automatically fight the opponents’ once the round begins. Also, it’s important to point out that some classes and races have particular ranking capabilities that can help turn a critical round to your advantage. Most importantly, you need to keep an eye on your resources to maximize the value of your spending and increase your chances of winning. On the other hand, waste resources, and find yourself on a losing streak. 

If you’re new to Dota Auto Chess, check out this video with a beginner guide.

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